What is CreekWorks?

CreekWorks is the name I use for creating and sharing my games. I started making games in late 2019 and posted my first game in Early 2020. From there, I have continuously tried to improve and release well-polished fun games. Most of my projects were for game jams with some small projects too. I'll usually have updates on my projects on my Youtube.

Check out Neon Copy!

A puzzle platformer about changing colors to match obstacles in order to avoid enemies and solve puzzles.

Get it on Windows, Linux, or MacOS from itch.io for free!


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In the works

A project that is still a work in progress

Ball Game

A simple puzzle game about using your mouse or gyro controls to get the ball to the star. The puzzles continue to get harder and introduce new challenges like holes, doors, and multiple balls. The game goes up to level 30.

Gate Guide

Guide the drone through the gates. You move the gates while the drone picks a path to go on. You will need to match your gate's opening with the drone's path.

Neon Copy

The main mechanic is changing colors with mouse one and mouse two. If you are the same color as an object you can pass through it. This includes enemies which are copies of you that run around the stage. The goal of each level to reach the next colored pit.

The Champbell Culprit

Your boss would like you to collect Champbell's™ soup from their facilities, why? Who knows. To get it you need to sneak around guards and cameras or take them out with your soup can. Be careful you only have one!

Mini Miner

In this SNES style game you fight off the gem monsters to raise your score!

Secret Shootout

Play as one of two spies who are having a shootout in a small town, pickup powerups to gain an advantage, play with your friend in 1v1 mode. Destroy your opponent and claim victory!

Water Demo

 Had looked around for ways to simulate water with physics but I couldn't find anything. I ended up with this really simple but performance intensive rigidbody water.

You Are A Glitch

In this short 4-5 level game you are a glitch,  you must avoid and escape the Computer's minions. Then defeat the Computer to escape its grasp.  The Computer will throw everything it can at you.


Youtube: @creekworks